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Petosan is an internationally recognized brand with its roots in dental expertise. With the aid of veterinary experts, Petosan has grown to become the world leader in dog dental care and cat dental care. With multiple patents in various toothbrushes for dogs and cats, you can ensure that your furry friend will have clean jaws every time.

Petosan’s twin head toothbrush helps to remove plaque and tartar build up that causes gum disease, bad breath and loss of teeth. Used in combination with regular veterinary check-up, you can ensure that your pet’s mouth can be kept clean. The accompanying Petosan toothpaste has been specially developed for dogs and cats. Petosan twin head toothbrush comes in multiple sizes to accommodate the various sizes of dogs.

While using automated toothbrush can make the cleaning process easier, conventional automatic brushes makes noises that will scare some pets. Petosan’s patented silent power toothbrush is a toothbrush for dogs that is silent and easy to use. With the bristles specially designed to angle towards the teeth and gum line, you can clean the inside and outside surfaces of the teeth at the same time.

Keeping your pet’s teeth and mouth clean is an important aspect to ensure their long-term oral health. Visit your nearest Pet Lovers Centre today to pick up your Petosan toothbrush today!

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